Saturday, September 6, 2008

Characters of the month

Sorry that for a period of time we haven't added anything in the blog since we're busy. So now we appologize and you get to see two cartoonclub characters all at once! Here they are:

Momoko Sakura:

Jessia Gigi Ruth:

Cartoonclub is 'Cartoon Club'?

Dear all cartoonclub members and lovers,
Cartoonclub allows you to choose a new name for cartoonclub! Please choose one from the following and vote at the end/side of this page, thanks very much.
Please choose:
#1: Cartoonclub
#2: Cartoon Club
Remember, the first one has no space and the second one has.Thanks again!We hope the result suits you!!!

Horror movie

Cartoonclub has made a new horror movie called 'The dead bride's sisters'. And if you want to see the movie,(the movie is not suitable for children under six) you can send to to get the movie for FREE!(The first three ones who sends).About the movie: Deedee, the dead sister of Zen and Zeek, is getting married! Hurray! But what's that?Something fishy is going on in the honey moon journey! The dead bride has to be saved...